Wednesday 18 March 2009

Gamers' Space - the researcher

My name is Torill Elvira Mortensen, and I am a gamer. I mostly play multi-user online role-playing games, and the last four years my main kick has been World of Warcraft. I play around with most things I get my hands on, but the last years I have tended to return to WoW. When I don't play games I teach Public Information at Volda University College, or work on research projects such as this.

I published my first work on digital games in 1997, and since then I have published several articles and written a book about games. Some examples are:

"WoW is the new MUD, Social Gaming from Text to Video", Mortensen, Torill Elvira, in Douglas Thomas (ed): Games and Culture, a Journal of Interactive Media, Volume 1, Number 4, Sage Publications October 2006.

“Humans Playing World of Warcraft: or Deviant Strategies?” Mortensen, Torill Elvira, in Hilde Corneliussen and Jill Walker Rettberg (eds), Digital Culture, Play, and Identity, MIT Press 2008

Perceiving Play: The Art and Study of Computer Games, Torill Elvira Mortensen, Peter Lang Publishers, 2009.

If you need to contact me with questions or comments, use research dot game at gmail dot com, or use the comments field on this weblog. I also maintain a weblog named thinking with my fingers. When I am done working on this project that is where my I will keep blogging about my research, teaching and life in general.