Friday 19 June 2009

Physical playspace

Today, at State of Play at the New York Law School, I am presenting over the work from my gamer's space project for the first time. I am however not using the quantitative data, which I haven't had a chance to look through yet. I am using pictures from The Gathering, both mine and those belonging to Luca Rossi and a couple of the pictures that my wonderful respondents sent me.

I am contrasting these with pictures of "rånere" - a very loosely organised subculture which is centered around tinkering with, using and playing with cars. There's an interesting article (in Norwegian) on "rånere" in the journal Samtiden, written by an ex-råner now academic. This inspired me to (loosely) compare these groups, showing how there are certain practices of technology use which are fairly independent of technology.

For those who might be particularly interested, comparing these two groups might fit in very interesting ways with Jessica Enevold's argument about mobility in games.

I don't know if my quick 10 minutes presentation will be available online, but State of Play have been publishing video streams in earlier years,and may still do so. If you're really curious, check the website in a few weeks - if it is to appear it should be up by then.

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